Camera TZ85 optical 30 white DMC-TZ85

  • Multimedia Speakers
  • 120 watts peak
  • Front-facing subwoofer
  • The best shot can be easily taken with „4K photo (high-speed continuous shooting)“ and new function „Focus Select“
  • Wide angle 24 mm (* 2) / Optical 30 times Leica DC lens, New Venus engine realizes high image quality
  • High-definition movie can also be taken 4K30p, AVCHD 60p for shooting

529.00 лв.

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The world’s first (* 1) 4K mounted optical high magnification compact digital camera with 30 times zoom LUMIX DMC-TZ85. The 4K30p movie shooting function is installed in the compact body, and furthermore the function of „4K PHOTO“ which can perform long-time continuous shooting with 30 frames per second is further enhanced, and „Focus Select“ which can choose the picture of the favorite focus point after shooting is newly added It installed. By doing this, you can reduce failures that you can not inadvertently focus on in memorial shots at travel destinations, and enjoy photograph making suited to your preference. It is equipped with Leica DC lens with optical 30 × zoom from wide angle 24 mm (※ 1) and new Venus engine, achieving high magnification and high image quality.

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